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            A Charitable Donation: We Are One Family

            時間:2013-09-26 08:27:13 | 來源: | 作者: admin | 瀏覽次數:
            On July 30, 2013, Yong Wu’s wife, Guifang Deng was diagnosed with cerebral infarction by Suzhou First People’s Hospital. She required surgery and it would cost about 150,000 yuan. While Yong Wu was wandering around and trying his best to raise money, our company union started the donation called “One Family” immediately. Many of the staff members made generous contributions one after another to help Yong Wu get over the tough situation.
            As much as 11,740 yuan was gathered, and it was handed over to Yong Wu by our union president, Wen Su, on the afternoon of September 22. In order to express his gratitude, Yong Wu wrote a letter of thanks and wished good people are blessed with life-long peace.
            Besides the financial aid, our management approved his three-month leave as he had to take care of his wife. His supervisors and colleagues also expressed their concern.
            Everything we did for Yong Wu and his wife in the event showed our love as Dewei people, and our cohesiveness as “One Family”. Let’s make a wish that Yong Wu’s wife get better soon!